Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Through photos, Faithvonic honors seven Liberian flag designers.

Faithvonic, a creative genius, has pushed her artwork to the next level, after her images from July 26 went viral. As a Flag Day message, the artist is thanking the seven ladies who created and stitched the Liberian flag. 

A committee of seven women developed and hand-stitched Liberia's flag. Susannah Elizabeth Lewis served as the committee's chairperson. Matilda Newport, Rachel Johnson, Mary Hunter, Mrs. J. B. Russwurm, Colonette Teage Ellis, and Sara Draper were the other members of the committee.
check out Faithvonic message below: 

“We recognize and commemorate their hard work and dedication under the umbrella  of Unity for this our sovereignty. This Unity represents religious and cultural togetherness, respect for fundamental human rights, female empowerment as shown in pictures here in 1847, education, and skills training for all.” 

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