Monday, August 16, 2021

Sambi Alieu: If everyone could put their egos aside, put their biases away, and work together, our industry might do amazing things (exclusive interview)

Sambi Alieu is a Renaissance woman in every sense of the word. She is a media personality, a beauty industry entrepreneur, a makeup artist, and a fashionista. She is a well-known figure in Liberia’s fashion industry. She has posed for practically every Liberian award-winning designer, showcasing their collections throughout the years. Check out our exclusive interview with Sambi Alieu below: 

How does it feels to be a muse for multiple Liberian fashion designers? 

Ans: It feels great to be a muse for different Liberian designers. Most of these designers I’ve worked with, I’ve also had the privilege to see them grow over the years, as well as I have grown in my own sense as an artist. It is just beautiful to work with people from the beginning, and to see their growth and my growth as well. 

Have you ever though of creating your own fashion line? 

Ans: I am definitely an artist in all aspects of the word. I have thought of working on different things like accessories or shoes, etc. I’m not exactly sure of a clothing line, but who knows, I’m ever changing and ever expanding. There might be a surprise in the future, or you might just see me creating pieces for myself. That could be a surprise that might be coming. 

What are your aspirations for the Liberian entertainment industry? 

My aspiration for the Liberian industry is hoping in the future for people to see me as an example of what the possibilities are when we actually work together, or a person who is able to get people to work together and bring forth different visions. 

What do you think of the current state of the industry? Where do you see it heading? 

Think that the Liberian industry has so much talents. The talents are undeniable. We can’t say we don’t have talents. What I feel we do lack, is the business structure of an industry. We lack the actual overall knowledge of how an industry works. What I would like to see is that people that more time focusing on developing and really understanding that different aspects of the industry and how to push it forward, than everyone focusing on the fame. I do see a lot of wanting fame right now, and that’s great, but if there is no monetary value behind the fame, then it is just empty fame, and that goes nowhere. Entertainment is something through out the world that brings people together, culturally. It also shows what a country culture is and it paints the picture of a country. I feel like our industry would be able to do that on a greater skill if everybody could put their ego and pride aside, put the biases aside and actually work together and find the strength to work on each other strengths, and where there are weaknesses, fill in those gaps, as an industry together. 

You just debuted a new podcast, tell us all about. 

Frequency Shift podcast is a podcast that was created to shift the mindset, mind, body and soul transformation. I feel like success has to do with those three elements. You cannot be successful if your mind is not right, your body is not together and your soul is not in its balance state of being. The goal of the podcast is to spike change and spike a different mindset through conversation, through conversing with different people in different industry, who are able to balance those three aspects of their lives, in order to get themselves further than where they are, and where they are going. It is also to heal the collective of the planet, because the planet as a whole is in need of healing. People are hurt on different scale and are not looking within themselves to heal, so there is a lot of projection going on, so we see all the chaos outside, which is a reflection of all the chaos within ourselves. So, I hope to bring a mirror to everyone and help with that healing, by conversation and reflection. 

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 

In the next five years, I see myself having a greater impact than I do now, especially when it comes to media, beauty, fashion and business. My hopes is to be in the position where I can reach back more than I am able to now, to invest into the industry at a greater skill. I see myself being very very established as far as monetary wise within the next five years and being able to give back. 

Who in the Liberian industry you will like to work with that you haven’t had the opportunity to work with? 

I would love to work with Dope Zulu. He is a music artist and a videographer. I would love to work with him on a digital project, and creative direct something with him. I feel like it would be a great project. 

What message do you have for your fans?

I ask my fans to see me as human and as an inspiration, and to know that where I am right now, I didn’t just wake up here, I worked tirelessly day and night. I am nowhere near where I am going to be, so I just want to thank everyone for being on this journey with me, and for continuing to be on this journey with me. Thanks for all the support. 

Words of a brilliant woman. 

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