Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Bene Vee confirms new ‘music is coming’

By Uncle Fairtone 

He Bene Vee’s new song is on the way. 

He was first called Benevolence back in the days and released one of the hottest records titled "Fatumata" which simultaneously took over entire Liberia and its surrounding. 

When we talking about Bene Vee we are talking about Liberian music back in the 2000s, where at that time they have Santos, Young Hover, Noyz, Kila Lu, Jon Bricks, Takun J, Picardo, Real Nigga (Grand Dada), Beware, Red One, Blow, Bouncing, Chila Coolnane, Bone Dust, Queen V, Jar Jayso, etc. This name is a household name within the Liberian music industry which no kids cannot tell you about. six (6) years the superstar released a hot banger titled "Call The Police" which when wild in Liberia and the Liberian communities in the diaspora. Bene Vee has a bright vision and he is ready to explore it through several means.

The superstar has heeded to Liberian music and ascertains of it as well and he has also veritable in the Liberian music game. He\"s an artist with vast experience and inimitable because he has not been an imposture. In his personal life, he is very much munificent to his fellow artists and the common people as well. One of the popular Liberian saying "Good Pay Good" and "Bad Pay Bad", he has doted as human and artist and in his day to day activities he has been obviated.

Superstar Bene Vee has fostered the growth of Liberian music because he his-self knows how they all struggled in the upliftment of it. In his music career, he has worked with many hit Liberian artists like Deng, Shine P, Alonzo, Petit International, etc. 

Many others thought the superstar singer had drowned in the music, no he\"s a full-metal jacket that is moving through the flames and he has persisted. 

Note: Bene Vee is coming with something more flammable.

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