Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Exclusive Interview: Suzan Gbangaye Reveals Her Biggest Challenge as a Blogger

What attracted you to blogging? 

Ans: The love for my country and the passion of wanting the world to know us as a nation and what we stand for is what attracted me to blogging. That's why I'm using my blog to promote our Arts, cultural and Tourism.  

What has been your biggest challenge as a blogger? 

My biggest challenge as a blogger is something that I go through everyday, which is "Trying to always come up with a good story and keep the blog update with all the major happenings within the Liberian communities (Home and Abroad), while  being a single parent and working hard to maintain my status in real life."

What are your plans for The Ghees? 

Ans: The future plan for The_Gees.lib is to get  into more charity work which we have already started engaging.  

PS: I do more politics on my live show and less entertainment. My blog is definitely not just for politics but entertainment, Tourism, Lifestyle, Fashion etc..

How do you decide which news worth you discussing? 

 I decide on which news /story is worth my attention or discussion depending on the magnitude of the news, the individuals within the news and the positive or negative effects the news poses on our community (Public).

The blogging world is tough, having to deal with people’s reaction to what you are putting out there. What motivates you to keep going?

 I am fully aware of the insults and the bad mouthing that comes with blogging.  What motivate me the most to keep going is the Passion I have for blogging. I believe information is the key and Knowledge is everything...

I Love to keep my people inform...

For entertainment and political news, follow the ghees. 

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