Friday, August 6, 2021

MC Caro: We are competing in a male dominated industry

Liberia's Hipco rap industry is rapidly expanding. Thanks to Hipco rappers like MC Caro, who have thoroughly immersed themselves in their profession. Caro claims that a magical mix of enthusiasm and tenacity transformed her life. She is one of the fastest-rising Hipco rappers in Liberia, contributing to the Liberian rap scene. Check out our interview below:

What have you learned about the music business that you didn’t know before getting into the business? 

I have learned a lot about marketing and Branding, I have also learned that being consistent goes a long way. My team and I are working every day to make sure that my image stands out, that my music stays a household product and that MC CARO keeps trending.

Tell us one thing you feel you need to improve as an artist? 

My interpersonal skills are my top priority right now. 

Which one of your hit songs surprised you when it blew up? 

“Don't Ask Me” was one of the biggest shocks of my career so far. My team and I had high hopes when we dropped “Uncle Solomon” because of the message that the song carries, especially in a time where you couldn’t go on social media without seeing a story about sexual violence. The fans didn’t react to the record the way that we expected them to, so, we decided to drop a song that was less serious, something that everyone could relate to. My entire team never wanted us to drop the Don’t Ask Me but my label manager was the one who convinces everyone, I still remember when the song blew and kids were singing it, people were doing videos and sending them to us and that’s when we all realised that we had another hit record which is my biggest hit til now.

Did you write all of your songs? 

Yes, I write all my songs. I have written over 150 songs and I have recorded about 80 songs so far, some of which might not ever get released. 

At what point in your career did you realize you were famous? 

When people/fans started stopping me in the streets for pictures, sometimes when big artists reach out to my label for feature, when I Get booked by organisations or even when powerful/influentials people tag me in posts on social media. One of my highlights recently was a FaceTime with Telfar Clements when we were recording team Liberia Olympic song, it was such an inspiring moment for us to come together and support our team and our country.

Name one Liberian artist you will love to do a collaboration with? 

Christoph The Change has always been someone that I have looked up, I have already got him on DUDU which was a hit but am hoping that we can work on a complete project with a video as well. Kizzy W has and will always be my favourite, I was able to do 2 songs with him which I am super excited about. I think that Teni and I will make a mega-hit together but time will tell.

Who is your favourite old school, Liberian artist? 

Picado, hope I spelt his name right. He was the first Liberian artist that I listened to and really got me interested in doing music.

Tell your fans something about yourself that you haven’t share with the public

I would like to win a Grammy one day and make my country, parents friends and family proud. Being a Liberian female artist comes with a lot of responsibility because we are competing in a male dominant industry. My end goal is to be able to leave a legacy for the next generation of Liberian female entertainers to use as a blueprint and being recognised or winning a grammy will open doors to Liberian arts and Liberian entertainment in general.

Are you dating anyone currently? If yes, who? 

At this moment I’m dating my music and I’m more focused on securing the bag than we will talk about dating.

You just dropped a new album, how was the public response to your album? Was it what you expected? 

We spent over two years trying to put this album together, there were times when I give up and just couldn't see the album making an impact but I kept going and recording. After recording about 35 songs the hardest part was selecting the right songs to make the album,

The public response is beyond my expectations I didn’t think my debut album would reach 340Kplus streams on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and Audiomack in 2 weeks. From the intro to the Forkor, fans were already writing the lyrics on their social media pages in less than 24hrs.

The album has been dropped, the feedbacks from the fans keeps getting better but we still have a lot of work to do.

Caro has risen to the top of the Liberian music business thanks to the passion and perseverance she has demonstrated in her songs.

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