Thursday, August 12, 2021

Al Johnson Reveals Political Interest and more …. (Exclusive Interview)

Al Johnson, actor and CEO of Lib Muzik Group is on a mission to bring exposure to the Liberian music industry. In an interview with us, he revealed his new partnership with the Nigerian music union. Check out our interview below: 

You came into the entertainment industry as an actor. Why did you stop acting? 

I did not stop acting . I wanted to make an impact through music first, then come back to acting . Off course there’s some other small issues with my first production BLACK Money movies back when Van and John Dumelo first give me an opportunity .

Which interest you the most, when it comes to being a record label exec and being an actor? Why? 

The record Label obviously interest me the most, because of my working relationship and contacts , past success with Major Labels as Universal Motown and Konvict etc. 

Would you ever return to acting? 

Acting is first nature . I am not acting currently but I am constantly shooting contents to stay relevant. 

Tell me about your last trip to Liberia and what your biggest takeaway was from the experience.

My Last trip to Liberia was epic, 

considering that  I have not been in many years . Reuniting with my Cuz Dj Blue and Lorenzo Terrace Doe etc, family meeting with the press and Eric Geso Partnership etc, going to Nigeria for my first time, meeting with Flavor and his team , our new partnership with Nigerian artist union etc . It was epic so much, Taking my fiancé Dara home for the first time, also structuring a new partnership with V103 Atlanta and Hot Fm Liberia and so much more, made it an epic experience. 

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Five years from now, I see myself in Liberia running for office. My record label being  the biggest music Imprint from Monrovia.

What’s your favorite Liberian movie? 

Malayala balawala

If your life was a movie, what would be the title of it? 

The Title will be ‘Change my story God’.

What do you think the Liberian movie industry needs to propel it to the next level? 

Liberian movie industry needs real  funding from government or Private investors, Period. 

What is your next move?

Running for Office back home. 

Any message for your fans? 

My new single is dropping soon 

Hip hop Called fight 4 it. 

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