Saturday, August 28, 2021

Sarkodie confesses, "I spent my first pay cheque on a piece of land.”

Sarkodie, the award-winning rapper, has disclosed that the first time he acquired a large sum of money from his profession, he used it to purchase land. 

Sarkodie, who is presently on a #NoPressure tour in Kenya, told Pulse Kenya in an interview that, despite the fact that he was a struggling artist at the time and could have used the money to ‘treat' himself, he decided it was prudent to invest in real estate. 

“I recall receiving my first salary check, which was from a television show. It was a difficult decision for someone who has been hustling for a long time, but I had to reward myself. I was given a plot of property. In the interview, he stated, "literally the entire money for a land." 

When questioned if the land was still there and what had happened to it, he replied, "It's still there." 

“The region has grown rapidly in recent years, but I still have a spot there. It's a cute little place with a ring of fly dwellings all around it. The only problem is that the location is far away from me, which is a problem considering everything I'm working on right now is close by. Even if the land is far away from me, it is still quite valuable.” 

Sarkodie, who preaches to the kids on his new album #NoPressure not to be pressured by social media, noted that he makes deliberate purchases, especially when it comes to cars. 

“I dislike spending money on automobiles. I could use it if I could find a great, long-lasting car, but I don't think it's worth it. It doesn't make financial sense. I don't have many cars, and if I do, I want one that will seem new no matter how much time passes. Before I make a purchase, I give it a lot of thought. He continued, "I'm the type who always wants to make sure I don't go broke." 

After a successful campaign in Nigeria, Sarkodie is currently promoting his #NoPressure album in Kenya.

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