Friday, August 27, 2021

Musa Bility: Let Dillon return my money and car I gave him in 2019 to run his campaign

Musa Bility, the head of the opposition Liberty Party, is requesting that Senator Darius Dillon of Montserrado County return US$20,000 and a vehicle he gave him as campaign support in 2019, saying, "Let Dillon return my money and the automobile I gave him in 2019 to run his campaign." 
The LP chairman asks why Dillon should accept his money and accuses him of being a money launderer or involved in "Black Money”?
He goes on to say that the senator should return the cash and automobile he obtained during the election because his money was good in 2019 but is now being branded as black money. 

Bility pointed out that Senator Dillon's current monthly salary is around $12,000, with an additional $30,000 for special projects. "He is not obligated to pay me in full right away; I can accept it in installments." He is adamant. 
Dillon's remarks on a recent talk show, in which he labeled Bility as a crook and someone apparently involved in black money, prompted the somewhat enraged party chairman request. 

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