Wednesday, June 24, 2020

24 Year Old Republican Madison Cawthorn Wins North Carolina 11th District

24 year old Republican, Madison Cawthorn
Go Gawthorn! Tuesday night, Madison Cawthorn unexpectedly won the run-off election against Lynda Bennett,  to be the Republican nominee for North Carolina’s 11th District, a safe Republican seat in western North Carolina. 
Cawthorn is a strong conservative with and interesting story. At age 18, he was headed to the U. S. Naval Acameny, but got into a vehicle accident in 2014, that left him paralyzed.   His bills, he said, left him $3 million in medical debt as a teenager; he has since become a motivational speaker. As he told the Washington Examiner in a recent profile, he hopes his experience can allow him “to be the face of the Republican Party when it comes to healthcare.” (The health care section of his website says the following, on health care: “I believe patients and doctors, certainly not government bureaucrats, should be in charge of health care decisions. I’m for expanding choice and competition in our health care system. I strongly oppose the Democrats’ plans to create socialized medicine.”

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