Tuesday, July 21, 2020

'Rather Be': Brandy’s new track is What 2020 Needs

Brandy has dropped the track 'Rather Be' in the lead-up to her forthcoming album 'B7', which drops on July 31. This will mark Brandy's first studio album since 2012's 'Two Eleven'. 'Rather Be' was preceded by the promotional single 'Freedom Rings' as well as the lead single 'Baby Mama' featuring Chance the Rapper. The album additionally includes a collaboration with Daniel Caesar on a track titled 'Love Again'.
A master of R&B, Brandy is no stranger to delivering some quality music, and that's exactly what she has done on 'Rather Be', and fans can't help but praise the singer's absolutely gorgeous vocals on the track. One fan said, ""Brandy *ss sounds like 20 angels singing on this new track! Ack! This album about to slap!" Another stated, "She didn’t have to serve this hard... but she just does naturally." One shared, "Brandy’s BGVs on this track though. Bruh. There is no one like her. No one," and another elaborated, "Brandy’s delivery on the 2nd verse. This beat switch at 2:07. This spacey transition at 2:27. This lush tone." And one fan simply stated, "That voice! Lord!"

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