Friday, July 10, 2020

10 Reasons Why Lincoln Ward is One of the Most Underrated in the Liberian Entertainment Industry

Over the years there have been a lot of hard working Liberians in the Liberian Entertainment Industry who have worked to push the industry forward. 
Most of these entertainment business owners are doing some really great work, but not getting the exposure.

One of these amazing individuals is Mr. Ward. He is hard working and technologically savvy. Here are ten reasons why he deserves all of the accolades the Liberian entertainment industry have to offer. Narrowing down his accomplishments to these ten is a major injustice. He has done so much more and is still contributing tremendously to the industry. 

1. Co-founder of Radio Lib, the first Liberian online radio station. 

2. Founder of Wlojii, Liberia’s first music app. 

3. Founder of IRep, a platform that shines light on the Liberian entertainment industry. 

4. Created the Liberian News Network app. 

5. Is currently the President of The Liberian community Association of Pittsburgh. (I know this is not about Entertainment but it helps influence entertainment in my community.)

6. Owner of a Liberian culture and expressions online clothing store. 

7. Has an annually (My Christmas on you) cash giveaway. 

8. Sponsored the First Liberian Hipco festival in Liberia. 

9. Brought to the spotlight “Pot Not boiling” music video, worked with the
director, Promoted and premiered it and raised money to give back to the
artists in the video.

10. Owner of Legend Musik and is currently a manager for J Flow, an artist based in Liberia.


  1. Such a perfect optimism is what we need...Much thanks to you Mr.Ward

  2. He's hardworking and very supportive. Doesn't have to know you personally to help or promote you. You're appreciated Mr. Ward. Keep being selfless and passionate about the uplifting of Liberia's entertainment industry.

  3. Congratulations, I can attest of his great leadership in the Pittsburgh area as President of the Liberian community. He and his wife did an excellent work when I was there especially during the Ebola

  4. An extremely Positive minded gentleman, irrespective of whatever situation.

  5. You giving profile and not why he is underrated. We want to know why he is underrated.