Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Those that rock with me, I love them, those that don’t, it’s still all love: Coz (Exclusive Interview)

Coz is definitely an artist that speaks to the isuess, both social and political. The award-winning rapper left no stone unturned, when he dropped “The Ghees” in 2020. Check out our exclusive interview below. 

Do you remember when you first received a compliment as a rapper? What did it feel like? 


I can't remember the actual first time I was complimented but an early compliment that stood out was from a friend when we were just out of high school. My bro Roy aka Pretty Boy Roy told me "there's people that can rap but CO.Z can really RAP RAP". It felt fulfilling. It didn't have to be someone of a so called big status. The fact that my friend approved it was enough for me. I knew if he liked my flow, the rest of the hood and even the world would like my flow. 

Which one of your songs was the hardest to write? Why? 

hardest song

“Hands High” was one of the hardest songs I wrote. Venny Beats, the producer introduced me to the trap sound and pattern. It took me some time to catch it. The chorus I came up with instantly alongside Venny, when he played the beat for me but I had to sit on it for a while to come up with the verses.

Which one of your songs was the easiest to write? How did you get the inspiration? 

The easiest song I wrote was Scrapper Food. Sean Wrekless was the key inspiration and driving force to the song. He is the producer of that recorded and he gave me the concept for the song. I was so inspired by what he wanted me to do that I wrote  and recorded the song in 30 minutes after getting the instrumental. The concept of the issues surrounding the current economic state of Liberia was too relatable. I didn't have to think too hard. The words came to me like an angel whispering in my ear as I jotted down the scripture

Describe your target audience. 

My target audience is true hip-hop and music heads of any ethnic background ranging from all ages. I make music to be felt by all souls no matter your color or creed. Those that rock with me, I love them. Those that don't, it's still all love. They'll feel me one day hopefully.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 

Five years from now, Spiritually I will work on getting more in tune with my higher power and my family. Professionally, I will continue to explore opportunities that will help in the development of my country. My businesses would have expanded, allowing me to employ more Liberians and give back to society. Musically, I will be retired as a recording artist but I will still operate Liberty Entertainment as a record label. We will continue to sign underground artists, manage artists and develop talent in Liberia.

What do you need to do to take your craft to the next level? 

What I need to do:

I just have to stay consistent. Trust God, trust myself, trust my team and vice versa. I am always open to room for improvement in any area of my music career. I have to make sure I'm moving smart as it relates to the business side of the music. No laziness. No slacking. The game is always just one hit away.

Which foreign artist would you like to do a feature with? Why? 

Foreign artist

As an MC I would want to do a record with Jadakiss. Kiss has been one of my favorite rappers and a major influence on my career. He represents an era of hip hop which I was raised in and became a part of. The golden era. Here in Africa though I would love to Collab with 2face. He is a great artist. I been rocking with him for over a decade now. His voice is unique and his style is so smoove. He is for the culture for real.

What message would you give to a younger version of you?

Younger self:

Pray more. Believe in yourself more. Leave the streets alone. Keep your circle tight. Attract what you want, dont chase it. Work hard but most importantly work smart. 

And there it is, check out Coz on YouTube. 

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