Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Liberian Girls Rock CEO ‘ Eugene Rogues’ speaks on the decision to host event in Liberia

Eugene Rogues, a Liberian businessman who is based in Minnesota, has embarked on a journey to fight hunger in Liberia through his non profit organization, Liberian Girls Rock. Check out our interview with Eugene Rogues. 

What is the essence of Liberian Girls Rock?

Ans: Fight hunger in Liberia and in Liberian Communities around the world, Provide Educational Assistance through LGR scholarship program, Provide Medical Assistance to Women and children in Liberia and award women for providing Community activist services that helps Liberians around the world. 

 Why Liberia this year? 

Ans: Lot of Liberians are afraid of going back home.  We believe as an organization, hosting LGR in Liberia will open positive doors which will allow some people to return. Liberia needs us, Liberia needs positive services, Liberia needs good things, Liberia needs good programs that will empower youth, women, and children.  Liberian Girls Rock can no longer wait on the side and hope someone will make our country a better place for us all.   We as people, we need to give our country the best part of us, and Liberian Girls Rock will do whatever it takes to shine positive light on Liberia. Now is better then later… 

 What should we expect different from the prior Liberian Girls Rock?

Ans: Better Organization and better services output.  Liberian Girls Rock currently has 12 employees working full time in Liberia. Some of their daily work involve researching women who are providing positive services to Liberia around the world, going to different communities to fine people who will benefit from LGR Hunger, Education, medical assistance program. LGR currently have employees working full time, will eliminate mistakes made in the past. 

 Is the move to Liberia permanent? 

Ans: Yes. The move to Liberia is permanent. The work that Liberian Girls Rock do, Fit better in Liberia

What are some of the challenges you are facing so far?

Ans: Getting people involve without putting themselves first, getting support from our own Liberian People, lack of donations.

There are a lot of people to help with less support. 

 What message do you have for the fans Liberian Girls Rock?

Liberian Girls Rock pledge to Fight hunger, Provide Educational, Medical & Security Assistance to Liberian Women & children of Liberia. Please support us in this endeavor. 

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