Friday, August 21, 2020

The Husband, The Boyfriend, The Side Dude, Sweetz Takes Us Into Her Private Life

Behind the golden voice, the laid-back persona, is a young lady who is carrying the world on her shoulders. Sweetz opened up about her mother’s health, her love life or the lack of, and the inspiration behind her new hit song “Womb-Man”. 
The lyrics of “Womb-man” is pure rawness. This interview will help give you an insight as to where all of this energy came from. 

To break the ice for such a heavy conversation, we asked the artist a fun question. 

Which three musicians would you like to be your husband, boyfriend and side dude. 

“CIC will definitely make a great husband, Bruno Boy a great boyfriend and Lib Foreign a great side dude.”
We moved slowly  into her personal love life and more. 

Are you currently in a relationship? 

“No, currently, I am 100% single.” 

There has been rumors of you dating Lewis McCarthy, Lorenzo Loveland and the late Quincy B. Which one of the three were you dating or did you date all three of them? 

Quincy B and I had a great chemistry, which we did flirt from time to time, but we never crossed that line. Lewis was my manager and a friend, more like a big brother to me, and nothing more. Loveland and I dated for a while. 

During our conversation earlier, you mention that you have been going through a lot. Would you like to share with your fans some of your struggles that you have been dealing with behind the scene? 

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it has been tough for both of us. I had to help take care of her during her chemo, keep her motivated, while dealing with the Liberian entertainment industry. 

Speaking of the industry, is the case between you and DenG closed? I heard that the case has been closed and DenG was found not guilty. 

Absolutely not. The case is still open, there is a warrant out for DenG’s arrest. 

Your new song “Womb-Man” is a very heavily emotional song. What’s the inspiration behind it? 

Trying to navigate my way through my mother’s sickness, the DenG situation and going through a break up with my ex, I had to turn to music as a place of refuge. Womb-man is all that energy in one package. 

How are the fans receiving such a song that is so raw? 

They love it. There will always be some percentage of naysayers, but it is only 5% negative feed back. 95% of the feedbacks I have received are very positive. 

Look out for more from Sweetz. She is back from a long break and is holding nothing back. 

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