Monday, October 18, 2021

JSlught might be heading to Victor George's Amplified Records

“Let’s Get Amplified” What’s J Slught trying to tell his fans and the rest of the world? Because he is fond of using captions to announce his next moves, look at what he did two years ago with his award winning EP Home and Beyond, also with his previous body of work King of the Jungle. Now he is posting a caption that could be creating speculations that he is heading to the former home of his rival Stunna and one of the Life Saver’s of the Liberian Entertainment Industry, Intellectual Music Executive and Serial entrepreneur Victor George. Would Stunna forgive J Slught? Because they became friends once more after years of being sworn enemies, but now J Slught might become an Amplified artist, we can’t be sure that the friendship would continue. Another school of thought might say that Victor George is trying to get his pound of flesh from Stunna because of how he walked off from Amplified records after all the heavy investments made on him. But really, Why should Victor attack Stunna with J Slught when he is still a father to the Baby O crooner even after their split?

Did you notice the Amplified logo on Stunna’s flier for his trip to Dubai with his fans? That would make us feel that he is still a part of amplified label, but no he is not. The Amplified logo is a prove that Victor George in his kind nature supports Stunna at any point of need and doesn’t have bad blood against him. We don’t know the business dealings between them for Stunna to use Victor’s company name as a backbone but from detailed observation Victor George is a very compassionate person and it won’t take him anything for him to help a son. So if Victor George signs J Slught, it wouldn’t come from the angle of trying to provoke Stunna but simply trying to take advantage of an outstanding business opportunity.

Why do you think Victor George would activate J Slught as an amplified artist? Look at it, for almost a month now J Slught has been without a record label but he has been doing so great as he released a freestyle “Out Of My Head” with a beautiful video to keep his fans happy. He didn’t stop there but has been on a radio tour granting interviews to bridge the gap and bad publicity his contract termination might have caused. To add it all up, he proudly announced through his social media platforms that he is about to drop a banger with back to back hit maker Kpanto, who is presently in the United States of America for his tour. J Slught has achieved a lot but he is still hungry for more as if he has done nothing, believe me, this is the kind of attributes professional music executives like Victor George are looking for. J Slught at Amplified would be a miracle to the Entertainment industry in Liberia, because when powerful brains meet, J Slught and Victor George, we should only expect these guys to make Liberia participate among the league of nations that controls world entertainment.

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