Thursday, July 29, 2021

Alexander Cummings calls on government to fix the hospitals and officials to stop traveling outside Liberia for healthcare

Cummings says he hopes government would fix the hospitals and its officials would go there for their healthcare instead of traveling out of Liberia for their medical needs. 

Alexander Cummings  has voice out his assessment on the health sector in Liberia. In his own words: 

Earlier today, I was at the JFK Hospital to check my eyes.  My left eye was a little blurry all yesterday and I needed to seek medical attention. A few days ago, in my 174th Independence Day Message, I called on the government to fix the hospitals, or its officials should go there like ordinary Liberians do. No official of the Liberian government ought to travel abroad for medical checkup or treatment at the EXPENSE of the government when the government neglects the hospitals ordinary Liberians have to go to when sick. I also believe the more our people see us(their leaders) go to these hospitals, the more confidence they will have in our health system.

I thank the doctors, nurses and all healthcare workers for their continued resilience and sacrifice to our country, under obviously difficult conditions.  All of those who attended to me today were excellent. 

I came to JFK today because we must fix the healthcare system and make it better. Change is coming.

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